Sunday, April 24, 2005

AS Good As It Gets

I spent the day sorting buttons. No, really. I have so many buttons that it makes no sense buying more (though I still look at several on-line suppliers a couple times a month). The problem is, I am making two fraternal baby sweaters, so I need somewhat matching buttons. Sixteen of them.

Here's why:

One down, 2 to go! And since two will go to the same gestating mom, they need to be similar at the very least. Of course Best Baby needs a wash and block, and I guess I really should stitch the buttons in place. Yeh, they're just lying there.

And I made progress on the current mindless project: A garter stitch thing made of Bernat Breeze.

Yep, threw in a green stripe there. Will be throwing in yellow stripes and a white one as the spirit moves me. I want this stuff out-of-my-life!

Question of the week: Why, when one has unlimited amounts of marginal yarn (say, pink Bernat Breeze) does one ball stretch far enough to make a garment, but when one is down to the last 10 ounces of something equally marginal (for argument sake, let's say it's Bernat Breeze) with absolutely no intention of buying any more ever again, the damned project freakin' eats yarn?

I await your responses to this law of practical physics. (Don't you wish you'd paid attention in high school?)
LOL, I love how you are despite all intentions obviously...are knitting with this hated (by you) yarn :) Its like a conversation with it, you will win! I do think on the pictures it looks quite pretty and soft. I also really do like the pink color :)
No help here with your physics problem, I usually accept that this is just the way it is...
It's like knitting with cotton candy (about as flimsy!)
Physics? Never took it. The baby sweater is very handsome (for a boy, right?). I keep thinking that is a great way to learn raglan in the round, but I'm still chicken!

I have to agree with Maus, you are getting knitting done and that's wonderful for the recipients, even if it's not fun stuff.
I can't answer your question, but I can certainly relate - I got here by googling "Bernat Breeze" because I ran out of the color I was using in a scarf (along with two different strands of eyelash, which makes the Breeze a breeze to work with, compared to working with Breeze alone ... which is just annoying IMHO) ... anyway, I guess you don't have any of the lilac or whatever they called the light purple left? I have the violet crush, but what I am looking for is the solid color.

I enjoyed Bernat Breeze in a poncho for my niece, alternating rows of it with double strands of RH Kids.

Of course, I was crocheting, not knitting, so that may've been the difference.
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