Sunday, February 13, 2005

Your Three Minutes Are Up

It seems that I made the mistake of criticizing someone's use of multiple periods (as in ..............................) on one of the e-lists I follow. The response to that was a scathing critique of my blog and my literary style.

I don't think that my critic follows this blog on a regular basis. Nor has she read in the archived areas. (If she did, she might have noticed something quite surprising going back a few weeks.)

Frankly, I have no plans to change my style. I write this blog for me. The pleasure that reading it gives to others is secondary.

Okay, that said, I finished three of the five projects that were pictured on the February 9 entry:

The booties are a gift for a friend whose daughter is expcting her first daughter (his first granddaughter). The scarves are gifts as well.

I was so pleased with how good the Caron Soft baby variegated looked with that blasted Phentex sport (the lavender) that I immediately cast on an old standby baby girl gift: Elizabeth Zimmermann's Heart Hat. I'll do the heart and the i-cord in the solid and the rest in the variegated.

Neither of the other two projects have been touched this weekend, but I've used 7 balls of yarn. (The baby stuff doesn't count--it's not on my spread sheet.)
Man, some folks don't have enough to do, do they?

Where's her blog so we can all go over and trash it in return (or is she too busy criticizing everyone else to write anything herself)?
What is it with these critics?

Glad to hear good things about Caron soft. Have you used it with your Bond yet? I still need a couple more baby presents and I'm tired of weaving cotton blankets.
Hint: there's a link to her about 2 weeks back.

Caron Simply Soft is very much like Red Heart TLC. The stuff I'm using now is the "baby sport" weight, so it's really too light for the Bond. I've used the TLC on the Bond. I'd suggest a tighter gauge (2.5 instead of 3, even though it's worsted weight). It doesn't have as much body as RH "Classic." (The burgundy and sky blue toddler tunics were TLC.)
Hmm, been thinking about that spreadsheet thing. I need to seriously get my stash organized - there's 7 (35 gallon) rubbermaid totes full, 4 large shopping bags and three baskets. I have a serious problem and this may be the only way to tackle it. I am going to donate some of it for Anita at the SHIPS project.

Any helpful hints about how best to organize the spreadsheet?

Sandy (drowning in yarn)
Ann, I like ya just the way you are, never change for virtual people.

Love the baby things, oh and abouty our post the day before, good luck. I seem to actually buy more yarn when I yarn diet then I do when I don't think about it. Come to think of it when I trie to diet diet, I actually gain weight then if I just don't think about it and do what I know I should and not call it a diet.

Call me psycho, I don't know.
Good idea for a future post, Sandy!

Of course, what's on my spreadsheet is what's important to me and others might not find it all that useful. But as a starting point. . .
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