Friday, February 04, 2005

Yellow Submarine

It seems I missed a UFO when I reported at the beginning of the year! And the question "how could I?" comes readily to mind. This UFO was lovingly (?) created from stashed yarn that I purchased several years ago from Smiley's . It was (at the time) one of my favorite colors. Still makes me smile when I see it! I "found" it in plain sight, stuffed into a plastic bag, on the stash shelf.

The yarn:

Vendome Phila

Made in Italy, viscose, cotton, polyamide blend in a beautiful lemon yellow. The color on the screen (above) is actually pretty true! I have a good start on a summer top: loose, raglan shaping, knit from the neck down. The fabric it is knitting into is great:

It's nice and nubby with little shiny slubs. Just "interesting" enough to keep this top from being plain.

So why did I stop? Weather, maybe.

And where is the pattern? Beats the heck out of me!

So I am just winging it at this point. All of the shaping was finished before I stowed it for the winter. In fact, 12" of the body below the arm pitwas already knitted. I added a couple more inches of plain stockinette. Now all it needs is a couple of inches of 3X2 ribbing (I was able to "read" the neckline, even though the yarn obscures much of the stitch pattern) and it's done!

Wow! A top I'll be able to wear this summer. What a concept!

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