Sunday, February 27, 2005

Shut My Big Mouth

Never say "yarn diet" and never even think "yarn fast!" If you do, you can be assured that people you didn't even know did crafty stuff will give you leftover skeins and big piles of yarn.

My friend Rabbitch reports that since the start of her stashbusting efforts, she is actually up 10 balls! And that's after mailing off yarn to moi, which will add to my stash. And one of my co-workers gave me some leftover skeins of acrylic in really pretty colors that I am already incorporating into a baby blanket, so that will never make it to the spreadsheet.

I am pleased to report that my food diet is going almost as good as my yarn diet. (That was sarcasm, for those who weren't quite sure.)


I started something new (guaranteed to use up 5 balls): a baby surplice sweater (that's a "ballet" sweater for those of you without a dictionary handy) in bright goldenrod Phildar Pegase (acrylic/wool blend like Encore--DK weight). No pictures yet (there's nothing to see).


And I started a stash-buster baby blanket on the Bond.

Sadly, not one of the components is on my spreadsheet!

Equally sadly, one of the yarns (Pound of Love) was not feeling well:

Yep, that's yarn vomit!


Today's sheep doesn't have a name, but if he did, it might be "Wobble" (or maybe "Weeble").

So how are you doing the blanket on the Bond? Do you attach the strips as you are knitting the next one? I tried that when I got my KnitSmart years ago, but I'm just getting reaquainted with it. I'm thinking of doing a tuck stitch one, but even with my extension it will have to be two pieces.
I'm making 30 stitch wide strips and using the sew-as-you-go joiningmethod. I plan to hand-knit a WIDE garter stitch lace border (probably with the white Pound of Love) and stitch it on.

This is an interesting technique that I an *attempting* to master.
Wibble. The sheep should be called Wibble.

As for the machine, you can feel my envy from here, but it's been one of THOSE weekends. 6pm on sunday I'm having breakfast and my first cup of coffee ...

Excuses, excuses, I know!
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