Saturday, February 05, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I believe that says it.

Remember the plumbing problem? The drip? No, that's not what set off this chain, though it will finally be corrected. Soon, we hope.

Nope, what started all this is that the other half arrived home yesterday afternoon to no-hot-water.

Fortunately, we had already been in touch with a plumber a few weeks ago regarding replacement of our very old water heater. (It was old when we moved in here in 1989. I think the house was built around this sucker.)

The good news is that he ordered a new one right away. The bad news is that there have been lots of frozen pipes, so he didn't install it right away. But there's other good news: when the other half called Friday, he came right over to make sure it wasn't just a "reset" issue, and when he found that it wasn't, he made arrangements to install it today (Saturday, the day before the Super Bowl). What a guy!

If you live in the Allentown area, I'll happily share his name and number!

Then, there was my visit to the dentist this morning. Just fine, thanks. I think what I got is the dental equivalent of spackling over little holes in plaster. As always, I had my latest port-o-project with me. The dentist claims that his grandmother tried to teach him to knit when he was 7. Troubling because he claims that his "fine motor skills" are what prevented his learning.

So, what say you get your hands and those nasty tools out of my mouth, 'k?

Yikes! Just what I want to hear when someone has a drill in my mouth. At least your plumber knew the right thing to say.
Um, does your plumber also knit? And would he consider going into dentistry? And am I babbling?

Glad you got the hot water all sorted out. The most horrible part of being waterless is ... YOU CAN'T FELT ANYTHING!

Oh yes, and people start to smell bad.
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