Monday, February 21, 2005

The Next One

Well, four, actually.

Since the accountability of posting my last 5 (reduced to 4) WIPs seems to have forced me to finish them, I decided to try it again!

Unfortunately, this next batch is likely to be just a tad more difficult to get over to the FO side:

They are 2 of my year end carryovers (1 & 3), and 2 relatively new projects.

1) Aran cardigan vest from 2 Sticks and a String. Yarn is Bernat Club Soft (cotton blend). Back is done, shoulder saddles are done. Just need to finish the fronts. On the needles since 2003 (at least).

2) Top-down raglan pullover. Pattern by Rosemary Hoffer and Joan Hamer, with modifications (to the neckline) from moi. Yarn is Naturelle (cotton blend). I have 9" finished of about 13 before I start the sleeves. Started last week.

3) Basic Socks. Ann Budd pattern. Yarn is Sock It To Me! Colori (wool blend). I'm going to start with the third ball and see if I have better luck with the patterning this time. I finished the first of this pair at least 6 months ago.

4) Yet another beanie. E. Zimmermann basic recipe. Cervinia Sorrento (100% acrylic) yarn. Started this one last night as a break from cotton yarns.

This doesn't mean I won't start something else in the meantime! I have my eye on some alpaca on the stash shelf. And there's the matter of a half-dozen nekkid bears in the other room. And I really should make a pair of fingerless mitts.

See why I said getting those finished was going to be a chore?
Hey Ann. Don't you just love/hate WIP's. I keep trying to limit myself to one large project and one small project, but it never works. I always find more and more things I want to cast on. Right now I have 2 shawls, and a doily, but I have literally 6 sweater projects I'd like to stary and I keep dreaming about socks. Hmmm, sometimes I wish I had to commute by train or bus or something so I could knit during that time, but since I work only 10 miles from where I live, that will never happen.
I love your new sheep. I eyed a sheep at Stitches West but didn't want to deal with the line. It is the only thing I regret not getting.
I try to buy a sheep once in a while. This whole collection started with one very cute one. Film at 11. Maybe.
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