Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Heart of the Matter

Talk about no knitting content!

I've progressed on the first sleeve. Whoop-di-do. Past 3 decreases, so it's nearly 4" long! I am having that Great Fear, known to every thinking knitter at some point. You know the one, where you suddenly realize that there might not be enough yarn for a long sleeved tunic and start thinking in terms of a tee-shirt with exposed belly button. (I don't think so!)

So, I'll take the WIP to work tomorrow and weigh the damned thing on the postal scale! Then I'll decide if I want to expose my chubby arms or my chubby belly. Or I'll be incredibly relieved to have the sweater I imagined.


And, as promised, the next sheepy installment. A pair of ceramic sheep of the minimalist variety. These guys are from Ireland. Bought on vacation in 2002, for mere pennies (they were on sale).

Isn't that sweet? They're sittin' on a heart!

UPDATE: I've used 8.6 oz (weight includes a bamboo and a nylon circ in the knitting) and have 30 oz. (including the cone) left. Since Elann says that I started with 35 oz. (net) there should be enough for the sweater of my dreams and a little summer cap.
Go with the cropped look! You can always pierce your belly button for added interest.

Keep the sheep coming.
I would lose my entire readership if I posed in a crop top!
LOL! I don't think we would go anywhere. If anything it would encourage us all to do things we think we shouldn't.

How easy a knit was Bob from Knitty? I'm thinking I may try my hand at knitting that bad boy (it's my dh's name - can't resist).

Glad to hear you'll be able to make it so you'll wear it! ;)
Bob was not difficult. I would caution that you'll want the neck edge TIGHT as you'll be wearing ol' Bob a lot lower than you planned otherwise.

I finished it, planningto wear it to work the next day. Put it on that morning, started putting on my makeup and by the time I got to my hair, I was showing a lot more skin than I'm comfortable exposing.

Changed my top and that night bound off tighter and wore it the next day.

Cotton'll do that!
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