Saturday, February 12, 2005

Fast and Furious

It's Lent, and I am on a yarn fast (well, I need to be on a yarn fast) :

(shown above: just a small portion of the 51+ miles of stash)

So, in the grand scheme of yarn fasting/dieting, what constitutes success? Would elimination of, oh, 10% qualify? (That would be 5 miles or 50 balls, or 8 pounds (128 oz., or 3600 g.)--in 40 days??) What is the likelihood?? Slim to none, I'd say! 5%? 3??? But in the spirit of the thing, I will post a countdown (if I can figure out how) . It looks like I'll be cranking up the knitting machine, in any event.

And I already started my list of yarn-I -will-order-on-Easter-Monday.

I also joined Shape Up PA along with 11 of my coworkers. It's a competition, man! And we're gonna win!! (right). That's a 5 month commitment that started the same day as the yarn fast. Eat less, exercise more. Oh, boy! I'd like to be down a couple of dress sizes before the summer's big event, the wedding of the bigger kid. For me, success here would be fitting into a size 12 again!
I'd say you definitely have too much "stash"! I felt guilty after seeing I had one basket full~~thanks for making me feel better!! lol~~
I wnat to "shop" at your house!!
Happy Knitting!!
My wife is a pretty avid knitter but has fortunately not the stash you have (do you have a separate home somewhere to store it all??). We've given up going out to restaurants and the caf at work for lent - something we normally do at least three or four times a week. We did the same last year and felt it was one of the hardest things for us to do without, so we decided to do it again. Good luck with your 10, 5 or 3% mission!
Well, Mar, chalk my stashing up to being an on-line shopping junkie.

And, Phil, I took over the older kid's bedroom when he left for college. If he ever decides to come "home," I am in big trouble!
I've decided to give up caring for Lent. It's the only thing I don't have any use for.

Giving up stress next year.
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