Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Blue Ice

I just realized that I have a big whack of little projects going again, and most of them are pastels. Take a look:

From left to right (sort of)
1) another baby bootie (like the ones on the bear a few days ago)
2) 5-hour baby sweater (sort of--it'll be a pullover like others I've shown)
3) Bootie from an old Pingouin book
4) scarf
5) scarf

The yarns are mostly nice to work with. They are all suited to the project at hand (or at needle).


Yeh. *yawn*

Well, everything can't be as exciting as an alien scarf!
True enough. And all will go to grateful recipients. At least I hope they'll be well-received.
You know, Ann, looking at these projects I have to say the textures are really interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished products.

I'm holding off on my Alien scarf til I can finish something....and it's hard, very hard....
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