Saturday, February 26, 2005

Blue Denim

A progress (of sorts) report:

I've reached the point in the pattern where Joan (Hamer) suggests putting the sleeves on holders (I'm using a strand of worsted weight yarn) and working the body to its logical conclusion, before trying the thing on and determining how much longer the sleeves need to be.

If my kitchen scale is to be believed, I am 9 ounces into this cone of yarn which was originally exactly the same weight and length as the eggplant/aubergine one shown next to it:

Each cone contained exactly 1772 yards and 33.76 ounces of yarn. So, there should be plenty left. (And why am I obsessing?)

Several people have asked about this yarn.

I am a bit ashamed to admit that I did not swatch even though I have never in my life used a yarn that is expected to shrink about 15% in length (but not in width? How does that work, I wonder), so I am certainly setting myself up for some sort of awakening.

It is not staining anything, but the color is light. I wonder if the eggplant and bark colorways will be the same. Some of these denim yarns are surface dyed and have dye that comes off (on hands and needles).

It is very hard on the hands. There is no give at all! And it's rough. I am counting on some serious bloom! Another reason I sort of regret not swatching (and laundering the swatch) at least a little!


I give you, the one that started it all. I found this one at the grocery store (I kid you not!). He's carved and painted wood.

Today's sheep has something to say:

Is that yarn ... COTTON? And could you make ... DISHCLOTHS?

I have this incredible urge to dig out my one lone ball of lion cotton and knit a dishcloth.

Oh, you only have one? I could, like, send you some more ...
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