Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bells Are Ringing

The weather has turned on us yet again. Could someone haul that ground hog out of that hole and shoot him?

They started cancelling school at 10. It started snowing at noon. By two, it was really starting to come down. At 4 (when I left for home) it was starting to turn really nasty.

Fifteen minutes (6 miles) from home, someone had slid off the road (bad curve), so one by one, those of us still on the road did a 3-point turn at a barely 2-lane part and went back the way we came. Except that one jerk in the big SUV. If you can't drive it, get it off the road! Our driving instructors would have been so proud.

Have I ever mentioned my dislike for the winter months?

And so, dear readers, I snuggled in with my big boring blue sweater and got to the stopping point on the first sleeve. The second sleeve is now underway (barely).

And here's what you've all been waiting for:

Proud sheep with bell

A cheap sheep from one of the last remaining 5 & Dime stores in eastern PA, Spillaine's in Palmerton. He called my name. I brought him home.
I think there was a Spillaines in Kutztown when I was there in the 70s. At least the name sounds familiar.

We dismissed at 1:00 but the roads didn't get bad here until about 5:00. Now to see if there is a delay tomorrow!
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