Friday, February 18, 2005

Any Number Can Play

I've been tagged!

Janice wants to know:

Do you knit using the English or Continental Method? Well, I guess you'd call it English, but I'd rather not. I throw. I've tried to pick, but I can't maintain tension, so despite the Irishness of my blood, I employ English. So shoot me!

How long ago did you learn to knit? Oh, my. It was the middle of the last century. Before I started school. I was 5. So, ur, 50+ years ago. Oh. My.

Who taught you how? Mama taught me the knit. But then, at about 18, I taught myself to purl, cast on "properly" and to bind off and all the rest, from a booklet published by Seventeen.

What was your first FO? The ever-popular garter stitch scarf. I made them by the dozens, no, hundreds. For all living relatives, all my dolls, and most of my stuffed animals. In Red Heart (it was wool back then) in green variegated and a gawd-awful hot pink. My first real project was an Aran sweater for my sweetie (you know him as the Other Half). It's still around here somewhere. The wool was Germantown, I think.

Favorite yarn? All things natural, and preferably animal. Wool, alpaca, wool, mohair, wool. I love Manos, I'm partial to smooth basic wools like Brown Sheep Naturespun and Cascade 220. Gjestal Naturgarn is another favorite. Did you mean "pick one?" I would like to try cashmere. And I plan to try both linen and silk very soon.

Favorite pattern you've knit so far? That's a tough one. I come back (often) to the 5-hour baby sweater and to the Wonderful Wallaby. But for pleasure in knitting it, I think:

I like knitting toys. And giving them away.

Favorite pattern source? The one I seem to use most often is Cottage Creations. I like browsing through knitting magazines and pattern books, though. I have a fine collection of patterns I printed off Internet sources, a file cabinet of magazines, and about 6 shelf-feet of books. But I keep coming back to Cottage Creations for the basics!

Favorite needles? Depends on the project. I love Addi Turbos, but Brittany birch can't be beat for socks. The old Bryspun needles (the ones made in NZ, not the US kind) are pretty terrific as well. Then there are the old nylon circs. Decisions, decisions. The only thing I know for sure is that I prefer not using straight needles more than 10" long.

Nicest thing you've ever knit? Maybe not the nicest, but most recent "nice." Will that do?
Well, I really liked this:

But for revelations, this:

opened my eyes. Wow! Sock yarn (washable wool) in place of baby acraplic. Who would have thought?

Most hated project? Has to be the sweater from hell! Miles and miles of moss stitch. In midnight blue. It was a cardigan for the Other Half. I can truthfully say that I will never again use that color to make anything that large. And If I ever think about making anything bigger than a baby sweater in moss stitch again, I'll just have to run into traffic.

To whom shall I pass this? Well, I'm thinkin' Hockey Mom, who is a loyal reader. And, actually, as the title says, Any Number Can Play, so if you'd like to play, please do. But post a comment, so I can bop on over and read what ya wrote. 'k?
K, Ann. I did it. Go look cuz there's a pic for you!
*squee!* That penguin is so cute I can barely stand it! Cuuuuuuuuute!

(okay, sorry, it's just REALLY cute!)
Jean Greenhowe pattern, Jinxedminx. Found the pattern in a nearby used book store.
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