Sunday, January 23, 2005

Snow Day

Did I mention that winter has finally set in on the East Coast? I thought I did. Well, it has! Sixteen degrees and blowy here in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NE PA as we locals call it). A "severe alert" is in effect until 8 p.m. tonight and the wind chill is estimated at something like minus 15. Damn, that's cold!

We got snow, though it's hard to say exactly how much. The blowing wind has moved this light fluffy stuff into piles in places, leaving bare spots in others.

The other half is running the snow blower on the driveway, but the walk and the porch will need at least a glancing blow from the shoveler (that would be me) or the newspaper will be out on the street tomorrow morning. Our carrier's footprints from this morning's delivery left the beginning of a path. I suspect she'll be less thrilled with snow in her boots tomorrow morning!

Looking out the front door :

And the back:

Some of us are snugger than others:

Sparky's been hot to go out for 2 days, but her sweater was MIA and the wind chill was in the minus digits, so, no go! Last night, I found her sweater. She waited patiently while I put it on her this morning (no, she doesn't hiss and scratch), stood by the door until I opened it, put 3 paws into the snow and scooted right back inside. Smart cat! If she had a tail, it would be cold enough to freeze it off!

This is the kind of weather that just screams for barley soup in the crockpot. Unfortunately, the crockpot has met with an untimely premature death.

The younger kid plays in a darts league. It was his turn to bring dinner and he did, sloppy Joe in the crockpot. I warned him to transport carefully. I said, "if you drop it, at least wait until after you've eaten." So he did. Wait. Dropped the lid in the driveway, getting out of the car. After darts. After dinner.

It was old. It was on life-support. Leaving it on "high" for any length of time was putting dinner at risk. My mother in law gave it to us before the kids (27 and nearly 26) were born. It served us well. I've already ordered a replacement. With a timer. Programmable.

On a knitting note, I finished another easy toddler sweater on the Bond. This one is a light blue. I am not bothering with a picture. Just scroll to the cranberry one and think "sky" instead of "red wine."

nice pic's,,,only i cannot even imagine snow here. just late last-week we had 81 here in the ole-pueblo,,,,tucson,,,az....gotta-love-it,,,,,we are having a slight winter storm now however. still in the 60's,,but rainy on this day...good-luck with the blizzard of 2005....
That sweater is so cute! I wonder if my cat would tolerate a sweater?
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