Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

It's finished!

The green cabled baby sweater is all done. And it's really lovely if I do say so myself! And here it is, modeled by Walter (as in "My Uncle Walter goes waltzing with bears. . ." which was the younger kid's favorite song and the inspriration for his best bear's name). Walter could use a trip through the washer, but he was just the right size to wear the sweater.

You can't see them in this picture, but the sleeves have a cunning horizontal cable panel between the ribbing and the seed stitch.

It's snowing here. Has been most of the day. Sparky has been whining all day to go out, but damn, it's cold and I couldn't find her sweater. Brainstorm: Where do we keep everybody's winter coats?? There it was! And tomorrow she can put it on and play in the snow. Film at 11.

I love how you don't let your cat go out without her sweater. Heck, I TOSS my scabby old cat out into the snow. Sweaterless. Missing most of her fur-less.

Yes, I know I'm vile.
Yeh, but your cat it black! Black cat + white snow=visible cat.

White (mostly) cat + white snow= gone, gone, gone.
Maybe if I painted her white ...
It's a very cute sweater, btw. And I like the hat as well.
Wonderful sweater Ann. It's so damn cold here in Georgia today I'm thinking about whipping out a coat for my viszla, he's so thin, he's shivering even when he's in the house.

Stay warm - GO Steelers!
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