Friday, January 21, 2005


(and side)

A quick post with pictures of the newsboy cap, finished.

The crown and brim (visor) are strategically tacked. It's on its way to a test drive.

We shall see!

In the meantime, I ordered more yarn (KnitPicks new stuff) to make another. And another.

That's the Andean Silk Twist (alpaca, silk, merino) in Dapper on the left and Wool of the Andes (100% wool) in Snickerdoodle on the right. I dunno. What seemed like a good deal. . .Well, these are awfully small skeins. The proof will be in the knitting, I guess. And the prices were excellent.

Great hat! Man, the rate you are moving, your FO list is going to be quite long by the end of this year!

Stay warm and safe in the weather that's heading your way.

(Can't resist - go Falcons! Even though we both know Philly is going to kick their a**)
The weather has already started.

I'm looking forward to a Pennsylvania Super Bowl. Already have my "terrible towel" out of storage.

Go, Steelers!
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