Sunday, January 30, 2005

Looking For Love

We bailed out of our long weekend a day early. Wintery weather was threatening, and indeed, Washington is still digging, er, chipping, out after ice storms from the south blew through Saturday night and into Sunday. The I-95 corridor got hit hard, and of course, that would have been our route!

Erma Bombeck called it "pulling a Cinncinati," referring to the time she and her family bailed out of the world's worst motel in the middle of the night. Sometimes you cut your losses!

I got in some prime knitting over the weekend. Booties for the baby:

and a sweater for the bear:

They'll be going in the mail this week.

I finished another alien repeat (second of 6) and made nice progress on a scarf I started for the trip, but neither makes a particularly complling picture, so I didn't bother.

The week is shaping up to be pretty awful. Press conference, taping for a video, a funeral, and blood drive. Woo hoo! Week from hell!

Hang in there, Ann. Here's hoping that the rest of February will be better for you.
I love the purple booties on the bear's ears!
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