Monday, January 17, 2005

Good To Go

I had today off, so I spent a little (very little) time cleaning and a lot of time knitting. Finished both fronts on the green baby sweater (no picture, don't bother looking).

I have a few pairs of adorable baby/toddler sweat pants that I wanted to match up with some tops. I have more than a few skeins of yarn that I have earmarked for baby/toddler sweaters, hats, mittens, booties, blankies. So with no one around to hear me swear (should it come to that), I dipped into the "charity" stash and came up with a couple skeins of TLC in Claret (Cranberry for you non-winos, Friends of Bill W, and all-around teetotalers).

A couple of hours (and several bad words) later, I had:

It's a size 2 and will go nicely with:

The claret is an exact match to the bellies of the yellow dragons. Don't you just love those dragons??

It's a dry run for an easy fitting pullover for moi!

Tomorrow is a back to work day. Meetings all week, and the opening of a new emergency pantry. I need to get some sleep!

Nice sweater! Where is the pattern from?
Pattern came with my Bond. But it's really just a basic drop shoulder sweater. 2 rectangles with ascoop out in front and two shaped rectangles for sleeves (trapazoids?)
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