Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Avalanche Express

Winter has finally arrived in Pennsylvania!

I left the office this morning at 8 to overcast skies. Ninety minutes later I was at my destination and powdery snow was starting to fall. At 3, I left to come home. Four and a half hours later (you do the math) I arrived!

Multiple tractor trailer accidents littered both sides of the highway the whole way home. SUVs were ditched in ditches. Crashes everywhere.

I am safe, warm and secure.

Did I mention that winter is not in my top three favorite seasons?

So where in PA are you? I'm about 15 miles NW of Phila. We got off pretty easy, although this weekend may be another story!
Blizzards there, floods here -- all we gotta wait for now is pestilence.

Glad you're all right!
Charleen, I was driving from east of Harrisburg to northwest of Allentown. it's 80 miles, give or take. 83N to 81N to 78E to 309N to 873N. The last 20 miles are 2 lane.
So sorry you had such an awful drive home. I hope you had some knitting in the car with you.

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