Thursday, January 06, 2005


I took the patterning from one of the sweater patterns from here:

to create another hat:

For those of you with the calendar, it's the March 4 entry, a kid's sweater. I like the fair isle patterning and am using up the odd bits of several colors of Cervinia Sorrento. So far there's (from the ribbing) light gray heather, charcoal, denim heather, charcoal, black, and burgundy. I'll do another repeat with denim, then finish the crown with the light gray.

I have sworn that I will start "something bigger" before I cast on any more little things, but the mindless part of these hats (the ribbing) is perfect for knitting while on the exercise bike. Thirty minutes a day! Oh, my!

I think my "something bigger" might be the other half's lopi. He's requested a drop shoulder rather than the traditional yoke (and I have a pattern and the yarn). Yep. that's what I'll start. Or a sweater for me. . .

Or another hat.

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