Sunday, January 16, 2005

Any Given Sunday

I decided to bite the bullet (so to speak) and work somewhat non-stop on the green baby UFO sweater. It's a sweet pattern (icky yarn, though) and moving very quickly now that I am finished with the back and working on the left front panel (29 stitches wide).

I really like this pattern and have given fleeting thought to upsizing it to my size. Of course, I think it's the gauge I like (baby weight yarn), as much as the pattern (4-stitch cables twisted every 6 rows, and panels of moss stitch). Upsize that gauge, and it's just another sweater.

Right from the get-go, I was concerned about a strange bump in the back. Right above the ribbing and before the patterning, there's a weird reverse stockinette row that looks a bit funky. When I got to the front, I found out why. There's a mistake in the pattern. Be aware that the directions for the back are missing a critical "knit 1 row" sentence between the twisted ribbing a the "begin cable pattern." Yep, there it is in the directions for the front. There it is not in the directions for the back. I checked!

Applying the galloping horse test, I think I can get away with this. I certainly am not ripping out the entire back to correct this error!

I wish the colors were truer. It's definitely kelly green. Not some watered down version.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday (observed). The agency is closed. So we lift our glass to MLK in thanks for the lessons he taught and the day to recover from inventory.

It's looking beautiful Ann. I agree, don't rip it out, the recipient won't notice - they will be blinded by the beautiful cables.
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