Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Remember the kid that didn't want the sweater??

He got me this for Christmas, and though it's not a book I would have bought for myself (I looked at it and put it back, in fact), something in the title "spoke" to him. You don't suppose the title reminded him of his mother, do you?

That's what made me decide that a striped scarf ala Debbie Stoller

might be just the thing to make for him!

Especially since it has a little secret:

He likes it! Mikey likes it!

That is so cool! I took a class with Vivian Hoxbro at SOAR this fall, but I never thought about using an image like that. So many possibilities!
It looks awesome Ann! I've toyed around with making one of these for myself.....have too many projects on the needles right now tho.

Hope the pipes settled down and you guys are staying warm.
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