Friday, November 12, 2004

When Tomorrow Comes

I'll start a new project or three.

I have at least 2 sweaters that I'd like to finish before Christmas (that aren't even started yet--hell, one of them, I still need to pick a pattern for).

I have yarn in mind for both, an oatmeal Gjestal Naturgarn1 with some jewel tone accents for the other half to make a sort of textured, drop shoulder pullover, and Berella Country Garden DK in Anchor Grey for the still-in-the-planning-stage one for younger son. And it would be way cool if I could at least start one of the sweaters I have in mind for myself. . .the lopi cardigan? the side-to-side cardigan? the wallaby variation that I sketched at a sweater shop in Ireland? But those will come. Lord knows, the yarn ain't goin' nowhere!

In a fit of {chortle} selflessness, I realized that it's below freezing in Eagle Butte. The elders need slippers and the babies need socks and booties, so once again, I shopped my stash and found some suitable yarn (it's Al-Pa-Ka from Lion Brand--now discontinued and largely unavailable). And I discovered that there are some decent slipper patterns here:

and that the yarn I have on hand is probably just enough to make one pair of each of these:

And to make my readers oh so green with envy (in keeping with the Irish theme, of course), I leave you with a picture of where-we-wish-we-came-from:

Bunratty Castle


the Golden Vale of County Kerry (as viewed through a bus window at about 50 mph).

I think I'm going to start claiming Bunratty Castle as my ancestral home. And next time you go to Ireland, leave Himself behind and I'll come instead.

No, he doesn't get a vote.
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