Thursday, November 18, 2004

Nothing But the Best

for my "baby." (Yeh, he's nearly 26, but. . .)

I've had some nice stuff (several kinds of nice stuff) put aside to make a sweater for the younger kid. It finally dawned on my that he meant it when he said "no" to stripes, Icelandic, cables, and all manner of embellishments. If he's going to wear the sweater I make, it damned well better be what he wants. To hell with what I want to make! I can make that sweater for myself!

So, I spent considerable time this evening going through my considerable pattern stash, and concluded that this sweater (Neckdown Pullover for Men from Knitting Pure & Simple) in this yarn (Brown Sheep Naturespun in Stone, a medium gray-brown worsted weight wool) was the way to go.

I cast on and got this far:

It has everything the kid could want, it's plain, the color is neutral, it's plain, it's a crewneck pullover with long sleeves, and it will bore his mother to tears. Perfect on all counts!

And here are the last couple of pictures from our trip:

Kylemore Abbey, built by humans150 years ago. (Yep, the public parts are open to the public--wouldn't you know, one of our unruly traveling companions managed to get into the "private" areas!)


the Cliffs of Moher, built by nature, rising 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. (Nope. You are not allowed to get close. It scares me to think how close we were 20-something years ago, before they built the fence!)

Two diverse but equally spectacular views of a beautiful vacation spot!

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