Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Night of the Following Day

I was going to post before we left, but Blogger was having fits, so I abandoned the blogging in favor of packing. More important than the "big" suitcase, is the carry-on. One must carry snacks in case the airline food is inedible. I forgot snacks for the flight over. Did not forget for the flight home! One carries water because, despite the airlines' admonishions against dehydration, water (and soft drinks, tea and all other beverages) is doled out with an eyedropper (to aleviate strain on the potties, no doubt)! One carries something to read, and one (if one is me) carries her knitting.

The other half teaches at a post secondary "career school" where they offer a travel and tourism curriculum. Each fall, the head of that program leads an "opportunity" to somewhere wonderful. We went in 2002 and again this year to Ireland for a "long weekend."

Had a good time, though not a grand one. (Long story involving unruly teens, cranky old people, hard, narrow beds, harder pillows.)

15 hours on the planes and way more hours than I want to calculate on the bus allowed me to produce:

5 hats and a pair of bedsocks (all for Ship Support) plus two more bear sweaters (pictures later, as promised earlier).

I did a little work on the green baby sweater, but the Irish are a bit more strict about metal needles on planes than the Americans, so it rode home in my checked bag.

The very long flight back to JFK was delayed, then there was a head wind, then we circled Long Island for a while. I ran out of reading material, then yarn, then water. Fortunately we landed before I ran out of chocolate, or it might have gotten ugly!

Happy to be home. More pictures and commentary later today.

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