Monday, November 01, 2004

Dawn of the Dead

First workday without daylight savings time. I staggered in to work this morning only to be accosted by a truck driver who should-not-be-on-the-road! He complained bitterly about "the bush" that marks the edge of our ditch (the one people used to drive in to all the time before we let that sucker get big enough for them to see and avoid).

Then he complained about having to move his already parked rig into a different bay door, saying that backing up is a problem. Hey, there's a woman who drives for one of our donors that has no trouble backing her 53' trailer into the same amount of space. And she doesn't destroy the garden in the process! Moron!

I have made significant progress on the lopi (the gray one). The sleeves are joined to the body and (after much weeping and gnashing of teeth) the yoke is established.

It's an XL, so there are 240 stitches in one round right now. Big sweater! Hot on the lap!

I'm closing in on the finish of one of the laprobes (the one I showed you last week--or was it the week before?) and will have pictures soon.

No bears were clothed last night.

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