Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Cat Chaser

Well, it finally happened to me! Blogger ate my post.

And it was at least deserving of a Pulitzer!

I whined about my rough first day back after a long weekend and everything! I cannot recreate the pathos. It was a perfect whine for a nice, full-bodied cheese and cracker (make mine Carr's) accompaniment.

Actually, I did my first seriously physical work in a long time today (5 hours of sorting canned goods, lifting and bending), made the mistake of sitting at my desk for a couple of hours afterwards. Then, I couldn't move!

Heat and ibuprofen later and I am almost human! I am getting too old for this! (Or I need to do it more often.)

But the big story is that I am still creating masterpieces with donated squares and blocks. I will admit that I was very nearly stumped by the ones I tackled yesterday. Big and pretty, but only three in number. And none of the other blocks that I tried seemed to click.

So I got out that gawdawful pinque Bernat Breeze and created rectangles of thick stockinette stitch that I pieced together with these three great blocks:

I'm picking up a garter stitch border to control the curl. I think about 3" on each side should do it.

It wil make some tiny person on Cheyenne River a nice warm blankie.

That blanket looks very nice! What a great idea just to combine the three blocks with pink, it really lifts the other three blocks to their best.
That blanket is very sweet!

I'm back, btw.
You're back, you're back, you're back!!

Happyy happy joy joy. . .
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