Sunday, November 21, 2004


I have been moaning for months about edging and joining these squares-I-collected to make afghans for the Cheyenne River elders. Winter is upon us [hello!] and they are needed now not sometime next year. (My excuse all summer was that it was 90 degrees at night. No need for a warm laprobe then.)

Well, time's up for lord's sake. Time to get cracking.

Problem is, though I know how to crochet, i really don't enjoy doing it. I find it tedious and time consuming for me mostly due to lack of practice, I'm sure. Note: this is not me throwing down the gauntlet. I am not interested in speeding up my crochet, because in addition to not enjoying the process, I find it painful as I have arthritic fingers.

So, I was very pleased with the weekend's breakthrough:

Yep, picked up along the edge with my trusty Addi Turbo and am knitting the damned borders!

And though I know it actually takes longer to knit 6 rounds than it does to double crochet 1, when I am knitting, I am on autopilot. I can read, or surf the web or watch TV and still knit. If I crochet, 100% of my attention must be on the yarn and my fingers.

And as a result, yesterday, I managed to edge 6.5 (of 9) of the squares that will go into this laprobe. See?

I still need to figure out how to make 9 squares big enough, but I'm thinking that a "log cabin" type border will fill the bill nicely. I have some more yarn that will coordinate with the edging yarn. I'll use that.

Movie note: We watched the Stepford Wives last night. Funny! And absolutely no knitting was shown. Stepford wives apparently do not knit. But they do bake. And clean. I don't want to be a Stepford wife.

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