Thursday, November 11, 2004

Back Home

I was gone for 5 days. Did you miss me?

We left from JFK on Friday, arriving in Shannon Airport on Saturday before the dawn had cracked! Twenty-nine hardy souls met up with Bernie (Bernadette to her family) and Tom and started off on an adventure that would take us from the rocky Burren of the poor west to the prosperous Golden Vale in the center of the country, along the Cliffs of Moher 700 feet above the Atlantic, and finally to Blarney Castle and Waterford. Except for the incredibly hard beds (and I thought only the Japaneses used blocks of wood for pillows), the teens sowing their wild oats (drinking age is 18 in Ireland!), the woman who kept watching me knit and wondered aloud why I wasn't using something "glitzier," the cranky poet laureate (I didn't know people still wrote odes to the tune of Jingle Bells!).

Oh, hell, we had a good time! And we'll have stories to share for months!

I bought a new sheep. It was hard deciding. And some very greasy, very sheepy yarn from Kerry Woolen Mill (1200g of medium Jacob, a natural brown):

Yes, he's wearing plaid pants and a tee shirt. That's my new yarn he's standing on.

Here's what it looks like in the west of Ireland, the area that's called the Burren. It's solid rock folks!

And here's a very overcast shot from Kerry, the more prosporous area to the south of the Burren:

And a final shot, I spent today getting over jet-lag and finishing the lopi:

Welcome home Ann!

Yes, you were missed. Is that you in the red sweater? It's one of my dreams to get to Ireland some time before the kids grow up and move out. Looking forward to more pictures.

YAY! You're back! I missed you a lot. I've had a bitch of a week, the final details of which are not yet fully known. The possible results are that a) I'll be formally disciplined, b) she'll be formally disciplined, c) we'll both get over it or d) we'll be ordered to kiss and make up. All I know is that there will be NO tongue involved.

I look forward to long emails and many many photos in the near future. I'm glad you had a good time (and I love that red sweater).
Thanks for the welcome home!

Didn't realize how much I missed my bed!
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