Sunday, September 05, 2004

Three Faces of Eve

I love that movie! It's about a serious nutcase (woman with three separate personalities) and stars Joanne Woodward. It was one of the first "adult" movies I ever saw (at the tender age of about 10) in the days before the current rating systems when only the Catholic Church cared about such things. It was probably rated "C" (for condemed), but I saw it. So shoot me. And the babysitter!

Three Faces of Eve was one of the movies that Woodward made before retiring to follow a career path I (and many other women my age) aspired to: Paul Newman's wife.

I admit to Joanne, that Paul and I have been carrying on a steamy correspondence for years! Paul sends me money (okay, the checks are payable to Second Harvest Food Bank, but my name is on the envelope), and I send letters ("Dear Mr. Newman, thank you so much for your recent donation to our work.") in return. He knows I'm alive!

(insert sound of throat clearing)

Anyway. . . my friend Rabbitch implied in her blog that I might be a nutcase (OCD, dontcha know) just because I have my stash cataloged in Excel, and I know exactly how many miles of stash (53.12511364 miles) and pounds of stash (87.2171875 pounds) I have at any given time. Now, maybe I've exaggerate (moi??) how compulsive I am. Those figures are as of August 30. I have not (yet--make a note to self) deducted the stuff I knit up last week.

And some stuff doesn't ever quite make it to the stash, because, well, it's sort of "collectable" like this stuff that I bought at the local thrift shoppe for 10 cents a skein.

The Baby Pompadour is mostly (hand washable) wool and comes from the Wissahickon Yarn Company. Wissahickon's right down the road a piece, down near Philly, and I'm pretty sure that the mill has long since moved south, merged, or folded. But this stuff is pretty, though impractical and will probably remain quietly in my stash forever. There's enough to make a highly shrinkable pair of booties (fit only for Barbie after a trip through the washer). The color is all wrong for a Christmas ornament , so it remains "collectible."

And speaking of stash, mine is organized physically loosely based on Sally Melville's Styles style, by color. Here's a sample of the neutral stuff:

I have a lot more neutral stuff that was "absent on picture day," so to speak.

The "work in process" charity yarn that looks more like:

Yesterday, we went to Washington. Today, we will finally go to the fair to see how I did with my entries. I may post a second time today with the results.

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