Monday, September 06, 2004

State Fair*

Got my fair results.

Disappointing, but entirely appropriate considering the quality of some of the items I entered.

Christmas stocking and lace socks both got blue (first place). Penguin, cap, shawl and mittens got red (2nd). Snow people got a white (3rd). The Clauses, booties, and Bob got yellow (4th). Baby sweater got pink (5th). Dishcloth got green (6th). Crib cover and afghan didn't place.

So ends another year.

The fudge guy had gone to Los Angeles to another fair, so all that there was was fudge, no entertainment. We got a pound of peanut butter and a pound of chocolate nut. This stuff is just about the best commercially made fudge around!

There was a balloon blowing goat. I kid you not! There were cows. There were sheepies and competing goats and a bunch of very smelly pigs.

The rally in Washington was pretty poorly attended and did not make the national news. I fear for this country. We cannot take four more years. I'm not sure I can take 4 more months!

Knit content: I started a scarf from Fibertrends AC-32

and another 5-hour baby sweater

on the bus to and from the rally.

* 1933 , 1945, and 1962 movie versions of a Phil Strong novel about the Iowa State Fair. The 1945 version gave birth to "It's a Grand Night For Singing," and "It Might As Well Be Spring." The 1962 version starred Pat Boone, Ann-Margaret, and Bobby darrin and is listed as "pretty bad."

Not bad. I've never yet had the time or the courage to enter a fair.

Next year, maybe?
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