Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Postman Always Rings Twice

or so I've heard. I'm almost never home when the lettercarrier (pc term for 2004) cometh (or the iceman either, for that matter).

But that's okay, because we have a big mailbox and sometimes he leaves good stuff in it. Like today. My friend, dee, sent me a shoebox of her acrylic oddballs.


They're just perfect for knitting the little sweaters and such that I enjoy making for the reservation. One for a girl, one for a boy, and one to grow on, I think! Nice stuff! Thanks so much, dee!

And speaking of stuff that grows on ya, the 5-hour sweater is done, done, done. In about 5 hours and 10 minutes of solid knitting. I wasn't trying to break any records, just get a real feel for how long it takes me. Though it still needs buttons (white, I think), here it is:

Isn't it a cutie?

I think it needs a cap and booties to match!

That's a lovely little sweater. I suspect that it would take me closer to 10 hours. That is if I could stay awake for that long ... zzz ...
The baby sweater is very lovely!! If you have any yarn leftovers, most hospitals accept premie caps or regular-sized baby hats--I have the pattern if you would like it--let me know, I can scan it in and e-mail it to you.
Keep up the good works that you do!! We knitters do make a difference!
Thanks, Lilyfern. I have a couple of "old standbys that I use. Casr on X stitches, join. etc.
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