Wednesday, September 15, 2004

One Way Ticket to Hell

I was looking through the Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide for a suitable title for today's blog.

I think that says it all!

Or maybe not.

Picture a woman who drove 3 hours, worked 4 straight mostly 12 hour days, then drove 3 hours home. Except some of that the drive home was past a fatality on the Turnpike. A 10-mile bumper to bumper traffic jam that did indeed make the local paper. Seatbelts were not involved, because the victim was a towtruck driver, aiding a stranded motorist. Picture me very glad I did not leave 30 minutes earlier! Man!

Okay. I'm gone for 4 days (2 of them weekend). Come back to 160 drug/mortgage/software spams in my in box! And FIVE (count 'em) actual e-mails! That was at work. I didn't bother to count the ones at home. Too many!

And there was lots to do at work. And I got most of it done.

Here's what I did while I was away:

They don't call them 5-hour baby sweaters for nothing! Of course, this is my polo-pullover version. After the buttonholes are completed (Row 19?), I joined the stitches and knit the rest in the round to keep little tummies warm. That makes the neck nice and big so it's easy to pull on and off.

I used these buttons from my stash:

Yes, that really is a 32 cent price tag on the red ones. And yes, they came from K-Mart. When's the last time you could buy a button at K-Mart?? Some of my stashed stuff is older than dirt!

I think I'm ready to move on to a new pattern, though. I can almost do this one in my sleep!

Darling sweaters! I love the polo look. Gee, I haven't knit one of those sweaters in a long time. Maybe that's what I should do today... (By the way, I have yarn I bought from Kmart when they put it all on clearance years ago!)
The last of my K-Mart yarn is long gone ;-) but the buttons linger on!
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