Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Made in America

With yarn from Norway (Gjestal Naturgarn No. 1, a Lopi look-alike in 2 shades of blue, goldenrod, and cranberry) and a pattern from Iceland (#19 from Alafoss Lopi #12), the first (of 3) Lopi sweater is progressing nicely. During 2 hours of Tivo time (closer to 90 minutes after the commercials are extracted/zoomed through), I've completed 2 decreases and have about 10 shorter rounds to complete before the neck ribbing.

The photo (below) shows my "yolk" (yuck, yuck) at the beginning of last night.

I'm also rushing to complete 2 baby caps to tuck into a box of sweaters and blankets for the WIC program at Cheyenne River.

And speaking of Cheyenne River, a group of us pool resources every month and order disposable diapers to send there. I am the keeper-of-the-pool, so I place the order, depending on who on-line is offering free shipping and has the best prices.

Most months, it's Walgreen's on-line and this month was no exception. Yesterday, I got a call from them, wanting to verify that the order I placed and paid for with my AmEx was, indeed, placed by me. It wasn't a huge order, but I do appreciate that a big on-line retailer wants to be sure that this woman from Pennsylvania really meant to order and ship Huggies and Luvs to South Dakota.

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