Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Home Before Dark

It was a long drive home, despite my leaving as early as I could (to avoid traffic near the cities). Of course, I encountered an accident on the Turnpike. But I made reasonably decent time, and I'm anxious to get back to work tomorrow.

Short entry today. Little knit content.

I managed to finish 2 baby sweaters and make a nice dent in the purple scarf that's to be a gift. The socks were a bust. Even though the 2 balls were the same dye lot, one sock was great, wide, diagonal stripes. The other was just blotches. I chalked it up to switching needle sizes (not on purpose) so I tried another size needle. It was a little better, but not the same. I don't mind fraternal socks, but these were more like not even the same milkman, if you get my drift! I'll try one more thing (starting at the other end of the ball) before I break out ball #3. If it stripes, great! If it doesn't, I'll finish sock #2 and sock #3 and frog #1.

I'll post pictures of the sweaters after the ends are woven in (forgot to pack a darning needle) and the buttons (strictly from stash) sewn on. Tomorrow. Maybe.

In the meantime, here's a dyeing experiment from earlier in the summer:

It's some vanilla Wildefoote (Brown Sheep Yarn Company) dyed with Raspberry lemonade (blue) and fruit punch (red) Kool-Aid. Smells yummy! I made two, so it should make a cool pair of socks.

And a picture of Sparky:

See that stubby little tail? See that "M" on the side? She has an "S" on her back. Monogrammed cat!

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