Monday, September 20, 2004


Oh, so much worse than it seemed at dusk, but so much better than it could have been.

Our one dumpster is across the road. Its partner is MIA.

The door (locked, with no key in sight anywhere for years) to the crawl space was blown off its hinges by rushing water.

The garden shed at the back of the lot was wedged firmly against one of the "big trucks." It appears that only the rear view mirrors (now badly damaged) kept the shed from joining dumpster # 1 or even # 2!

Our gas meter was under water at some point, so it had to be replaced before we could fire up the heat. Since it was 46 degrees at 6:30 this morning, that was a bit of a hardship, but we've endured worse. Like when we were without heat for several days one recent January because of a leak. We don't mess with gas leaks!

Miraculously, only a bit of water (blown in under the bay door) penetrated the warehouse.

The rain gutters and downspouts did their job. The roof repairs held. The newly paved lot survived 3' of rushing water.

Floods are amazing forces of nature! A dock plate that we abandoned a couple of years ago in favor of an installed dock leveler was carried at least 50 feet by the water. It takes 3 people to list the damned thing! And an old a/c unit (about 500 pounds of it) that we no longer use was lifted and twisted on its side.

The insurance folks are expected soon. The Health Bureau has already certified that we are "good to go."

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