Saturday, September 25, 2004

Cat From Outer Space

We've often suspected that Penny, our sweet tortie rescue is alien. When we got her, the folks at St. Francis said that she was 1 1/2 and had had a litter. Her babies were, in fact, born at St. Francis, and had all been adopted.

She was in a big cage near the reception desk, and it was her resemblance to Brownie, the cat we were "replacing" (as if anyone could replace a cat they had been owned by for 12 years!) that caught our eye and our collective heart.

Sparky, the bob-tailed wonder kitten, was already being processed when we decided that no home is complete without at least three cats, so Penny was destined to accompany us home as well.

We probably should have asked more questions, but we were in love! It seems that Penny was not one-and-a-half, but had spent the last one-and-a-half years in that cage! (Our vet confirmed her age as at least 3 when she was spayed.)

She was a mess! Honestly, it was months (perhaps 12 or more) before she would come out from under the furniture for anything but meals, and even more months (as in nearly 36 of them) before we could pick her up. She's still, 8 years later, a skittish little thing. But we love her to pieces.


So, as a firm believer in rescuing animals (as opposed to purchasing them from a breeder or a pet store, I was a sucker for

Wendy's latest charity-a-long. That's Wendy's very special Lucy in the picture, which is not the hyper-link, by the way.

Sparky has severe Lucy-tail envy!

And so, since I couldn't wait for the stuff I ordered from Elann, (shut up!) I started my kitty bed

using some wool that I got in a swap a couple of years ago from a weaver-fiber-friend. It's in 1-2 yard pieces, but felting will take care of that issue! I actually swatched to make sure it would felt and the ends fuzz up nicely!

Then, the mailman came and brought this:

. The stuff on the left (Tahki Dazzle) will be cat bed #2. The stuff on the right will be a felted bag, a prezzie for I'm-not-telling-who.

Yarn diet be damned!

LOL! Love your attitude! What's a knitter without yarn, new yarn, and lots of yarn?
I just had to comment on your Penny. She is beautiful! I have a Tortie also and after 5 years, she still has the Tortie-Tude. You can see a picture of Tabitha (Crabby Tabby as we call her) on my blog along with our other fur babies.
Man, I'm glad you bought more yarn. I was beginning to feel guilty ... (ish)
Yours is a sweetie, too, Marsha!
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