Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The 'burbs*

I thought I would lose my mind this evening. From the time I got home until dark, no, from the looks of it, well before I got home, the people across the street were doing what, in some circles, might pass for "yard work." Not in my circle, but perhaps in some circles.

It seems that the male kid was attempting to cut the entire lawn with a weed whacker! The noise as the whacker hit cement step after cement walk after brick border, for well over an hour. Oh, my! I hope it's still dark when I leave for work tomorrow morning!

They are moving! The house has been on the market at an extrordinary price since early summer. The piles of crap that they've removed from the inside of the house (presumably, or else they are raiding a nearby landfill for lawn ornaments) to the side yard have made the 'hood take on the aura of Tobacco Road. I'll bet the folks next door to them (the ones with the new professional landscaping) are charmed. The piles sure do add to the street appeal!

I should be used to noise in this neighborhood. Most of the teenagers drive through with their radios blasting (thumpa, thumpa, thumpa) so loud it shakes houses. I have another neighbor that races (cars) as a hobby. But that's not all! He's a clean freak. He washes off his mower each time he uses it. I shit you not! And come fall, he will get out that blower thing and blow every damned leaf that lands in his yard out into the street--where it will relocate to my yard! I should know! Before he washes the mower, he used the blower to get rid of the grass on his driveway and in the street!Wack-o neighbors? Welcome to my world!

I made about 1 and 3/4 hours' progress on the 5-hour tonight (4 hours total so far) and I'm closing in on both the end of the skein (4 oz.) and the end of the sweater.

I'll probably break into the second skein to make this a little longer and I'm giving serious thought to a pair of matching bottoms, maybe with feet. Or maybe just booties. We'll see.

I'd like to point out that the freehand "crop" feature allows me to take pictures without actually clearing off a spce on the desk first!

* "Comically warped" 1989 Tom Hanks/Carrie Fisher view of suburban life.

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