Monday, August 23, 2004

What About Bob?

I've worn Bob already. Of course, I have.! Bob is cozy and comfy and a perfect summer sweater. Bob is made from a little less than 9 balls of Filatura Lanarota Rainbow, a cotton/acrylic/polyester blend in Soft Lilac Splash from My Favorite The base color is a soft, dusty lavender. The slubs are multi-color. This is nice yarn to work with and a little goes a long way. (I bought 20 balls. I sent ten of them on to my friend Rabbitch so that she could make her own version of Bob (can you say Bobsey Twins?) Or not.

I got the pattern (free, on-line) here: Bob . The only change I made was to lengthen the sleeves ever so slightly out of respect for my non-buff upper arms.

Then I made this cute little hat:

It's Aunt Lydia's some sort of "Denim" worsted weight cotton stuff that I got at one of the big box stores. The pattern is Beach Beanies, designed by Maggie DeCuir, from the Spring 2004 Knitter's.

I am coming down to the wire. Three days left create a pair of snow people (I'm still planning on cables) and to finish Mr. and Mrs. Claus:

Anyone putting money on this??

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Are you sure the ribbing wouldn't make us look more like the Boobsey Twins?
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