Thursday, August 19, 2004

Two Way Stretch

Remember these from a few days ago?

I was sure that they could look better. After all, they looked great
on. The difference being that on, they were stretched and off, they weren't!

Now, I know that I've said that I'm nothing if not cheap, and the thought of shelling out 25 bucks for sock blockers that I would use maybe a half dozen times over the next decade was way more than I could stomach.

But wait! I remember reading somewhere an-line that sock blockers of the more disposable kind could be had for free for a little work!

I hauled out the raw materials:

A box (it's one I can't reuse because it's so honkin' big that the postage on it would be $20 or more--that's a Priority box from the Post Office. Free, but the postage to ship priority will kill you!)

Some plastic (I used some of those big bubble things that come in the mail these days, because they were heavy, the right size, and, yep, free)

That thing in the front is my salad spinner. Not everyone has one. I use it to extract as much water as possible before blocking small items. It's very useful. And since I buy my salad bagged these days. . .

I traced around a new pair of socks, then cut out a couple of sock shapes, wrapped the shapes in the plastic stuff (after I let out the air) to make:

After getting my socks very wet and spinning them nearly dry, I stretched them onto the sock-shape being careful to line up the center row of eyelets alongthe blocker edge:

Here's a final shot of the socks, blocked, but still damp:

When they came off the blockers, they looked like a different pair of socks. The lacy parts are open and the bobbles pop!

Yeh, yeh, two bucks.

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