Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Turning Point

Well, not exactly, but I expect to reach it sometime today. This time, a Work in Progress (WIP) for the fair, my Christmas stocking. Entry title: "Handcrafts-Mixed Materials Christmas Stockings, knitted (limit 1)."

This is an adaptation of a sock pattern: Winter's Hope Socks (pattern by Nannette Huber) , from the Cast On Accessories 2002 (whatever happened to 2003 and 4, I wonder?) issue. The original calls for Koigu Premium Merino and size 1s. I am using worsted weight acrylic (Bernat Aspen ( a blend with 20% merino--this stuff is pretty yummy for an inexpensive blend. It would make nice kids' sweaters, I think.) for the red and TLC Essentials for the white) and size 6s (US sizing) and getting a nice, firm fabric, which is what I wanted. The fair isle/Norwegian stranding keeps it from stretching more than a little. I want a Christmas stocking to stretch, but not so much that stuff comes through the fabric!

I'm about halfway to the heel flap. (It'll be red, as will the toe.) I think it looks good.

Top prize in the "Handcrafts--Mixed Materials" category is $4. Of course, most of my entries are pairs like Mr. and Mrs. Snowman so I guess there's another theme going: Top Prize= 2 bucks.

And another "turning point". Weight is down about .5 (that's "point 5") pound this morning. Considering that I have been wishing and hoping (but not doing anything about it) for a month or more, this is good news and incentive!

The ladies at Curves were a bit better behaved than usual for a Saturday morning. No, wait, the "regulars" were all absent. Wow! What a difference! I should have checked license plates!
Oh, that's nice. It's very pretty, and a combination of my two biggest fears ... patterns AND dpns. Why don't you just knit it out of something I'm allergic to as well ... um, did you mention wool? *g* I'm just jealous. And now going back to my plain blue acrylic square that will one day be a bunnie ...
Somebody told you they were hard, didn't they??

I like dpn's and circs because there's generally very little finishing left once you've knitted.

Bunnies are fun, too, though.
Pretty much everyone's told me they're hard. Why do you think you're getting six balls of Kroy next week? *g*
Not, repeat not hard.
Then maybe I'll try them. AaaaAAaaaaHHhhHhhhhh!!
Bwak, bwak, bwaaaak, bwak bwak
I don't dare go to Michael's again to see if they have sock yarn so I'm going to just wait for a bit. Besides I have ten hanks of Rowan Magpie and two of the lambswool arriving within the next month ... I'd rather work with that! Just have to decide on a project now.

And yes. Bwaak, indeed.
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