Monday, August 30, 2004

Sweet Dreams

Just shoot me now! That's the name of the TLC colorway that I'm using for this version of the 5-hour baby sweater. Google it, or drag out your copy of this Cottage Creations booklet. It's the Infant's Hooded Cardigan (without the hood) from More Projects for the Community and Family. Many of the patterns floating on the Internet have serious flaws. Save yourself aggrevation. Buy the pattern!

I love the chattiness of Cottage Creations' patterns. I love that they are seamless. I love that many of them come in multiple sizes from toddler to very large adult. Cottage Creations patterns include the Wonderful Wallaby, the Rambling Rows afghan and sweater, and the Babies and Bears sweater, all of which I've made, some of them multiple times. Also several ethnic dolls, some nifty socks, and a couple other great sweaters, all on my to-do list. Oh, and Babies and Bears now comes in grown-up size. Must-lose-5-pounds-so-I-can-buy-this-pattern. And some yarn.

Here's the result of my first hour on the 5-hour:

Yes, I'm timing it. Shut up!

See the drawing of the baby between the points of my needles? That's the sweater with the hood.

And for the record, I have no affiliation with Cottage Creations. I'm just one more satisfied customer.

Hi! I am also a member of the Bond knitlist, under a different name. I just wanted to comment on your new project--the beautiful baby sweater. It looks great! I am currently making a 12-month size in oatmeal color, and it has cables all the way through it! It also has seams, which I am not fond of, so your baby sweater looks so wonderful to me without the seams--I just love to work with circular needles! Good luck on this pretty sweater.
Thanks, Lilyfern. Somewhere in the Ultimate Knitting back issues I have, there are directions for lopi-style (seamless, I think) sweaters made on the Bond.

I may have to break down and try the technique!
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