Friday, August 27, 2004


is nearly over. This fills me with sadness.

I like spring, and I like fall, but I like summer most of all. (It rhymes, so shoot me!)

We are trying to get a serious perennial bed going in the front yard. So far, the weeds are winning.

I have no idea what that thing is that looks a bit Like Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors? Seen it?? Hell, I live it!) is.

If, late at night, I hear something muttering "feed me," I'm outta here, equity or no.

And those aren't fern. They's volunteer mimosa. Impervious to Round-Up.

Those coreopsis are planted. But, and I repeat, the weeds are winning.

We have bee balm in another part of the bed. It's done blooming. And big ornamental grasses (they haven't started blooming). And in the spring, these beds are a bower of daffodils. But right now, the weeds are winning.

I've heard that if you plant enough stuff, weeds can't grow. But I think the stuff has to be something like kudzu. You know, BIG weeds.

Maybe I'll drop a few chrysanthemums in there this fall. Maybe the weeds won't kill them.

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