Sunday, August 08, 2004

Something to Talk About

My friend Janice shared a picture of her newest acquisitions today. Now, I would hate to be accused of pissing higher on the fireplug, but this is what discovered when I downloaded photos from the camera yesterday:

This was the result of a quick trip into Michael's last weekend to pick up "a skein or two" to finish a few charity afghans. Twenty six dollars ($26) at $1 a skein later, I had this great new collection of yarn for charity baby things.

Then I discoverd that I still need yarn to finish the afghans.

My everloving other half suggested that it looked as though a yarn truck had dumped its load in the house. He further suggested that if trucks were going to dump loads here, next time, could it please be a beer truck. Men! They just don't understand!

Here's a sample of the stash, just the stuff on shelves:

And there was some progress on thefair entries last night. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Soon-2-B-Claus:

OK, fine, I'll post the cotton and the alpaca tonight and maybe the rest of the stash if I can get it all organized. I still claim I have more.
Fifty-something MILES of stash here. Notthat it's a contest or anything!
Over two miles of cotton alone. You have inspired me to start up an excel spreadsheet to track it. Why, I don't know. Hmm, I wonder if Michael's is still open?
I have mine in Excel. Sure helps me keep an eye on what is not nearly as awful until you see it in miles and pounds (91.5) Ouch!
Is that 91.5 miles or pounds? Either is horrifying. You may actually win this pissing contest. *g* Then again I've only been knitting three or four years. Gimme time.
91.5 pounds. And some of it is like 200 yards per ounce.
You win.
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