Monday, August 16, 2004

Pretty in Pink

Just a short one today.

From Debbie Bliss' Quick Baby Knits (available in paperback all over the place), a little pink (okay, mauve!) sweater.

Bliss patterns run big. I believe I've heard that a 12 month size in a Bliss pattern can often be worn well past the second birthday. Since this sweater is intended for a child in a very poor part of the United States (one of the Sioux reservations of South Dakota), I certainly hope that's true.

The yarn is Red Heart Soft. I do not like this yarn. It has very little body and it's more than a little "splitty." Other Red Heart yarns are a lot more to my liking! The 2 buttons are pearl hearts. See the pretty little triangles on the cuffs and bottom hem?

Wear it in good health, little one!

Oh, yeh, Two bucks.
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