Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The Other Side of Midnight

I stayed up too late and got up too early, but last night I managed another inch and a half on the sock from hell, a bit on some slippers, and cast on my Santa fair entry.

I'm using a Jean Greenhowe pattern that's in Knitted Toys for Santa and will adapt the Cinderella pattern to make Mrs. Claus. There's a cute snowman in the same book so if I get bogged down (as I have for the last two fair seasons) on a cabled version, this one looks fairly quick. The embellishments will be what makes Mr. and Mrs. unique.

Socks. What can I say? I'd hate to scare off my readers, so I'll just say that I did this to myself.

Socks are not hard. This pattern is tedious. And the needles are small. And the yarn is fine. But, in general, socks are not hard.

You lie. dpns killed my rabbit.
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