Wednesday, August 18, 2004


No knitting will be accomplished this evening.

Older Son needs his birth certificate. Do you think we can find it (or any of the others)?? The list of places it isn't is growing long. The places that it could be (in which this big packet would fit) is getting shorter.

WhereTF is it??


Last place you ever think to look. The place that is way too small. And there they were!

And I'm not telling where. 'cause I might want to hide something very valuable there someday!

So, the knitting and reporting commences. Here's my dishcloth entry. Dull, boring. You know, dishrag. The pattern is from a Leisure Arts booklet. Old. The yarn is Sugar 'n' Cream. The cheap stuff. In a color called Potpourri Print. Let me tell you aboutthis color! The "print" is painted on and bled like crazy when I wet the damned thing to block it! I mean bled like a shaving cut! I was really glad that I had planned to wet block rather than spritz and shape. Can you just imagine??

Of course, I prefer to think of it as a washcloth. So much more refined:

And a lot more subtle with all the excess dye washed down the drain, too!

And as long as I'm on a roll, I hate the term "dishrag." It sounds so "throw it out, it's a rag." And don't call my stuff "homemade!" "Handmade," maybe. Homemade sounds like, well, junky crapola from a church bazaar. You know the stuff.

So see that ya use the right terms!

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