Thursday, August 26, 2004

Marathon (wo) Man

My six-day vacation/long weekend comes to an end today at 6:30.

I spent the better part of the time cleaning the house (or at least digging out some of the worst piles) and knitting.

I finished all my fair entries and will deliver them at 8. Yay, fair! Yay, finished! Yay, 14 entries!

What I learned in my six days:

1) There are more dogs in my neighborhood than I could possibly have imagined! And they bark. All day! Okay, one barks. Then the rest chime in. All day!

2) My cats have a sweet life! *They get up. They eat. They poop. They go back to sleep.* Repeat from * to *. All day!

3) There are many moron drivers in my neighborhood. Example: Wednesday morning, I heard the usual falling-off-muffler noise with an unusual "whomp, whomp, whomp" that made me get up to look out the window. Here's the moron part: two flat tires. Both on the passenger side. Guess he didn't see them when he got in the car? Other morons drive past our house, too. All day.

4) I don't know why this comes as a surprise. How many years did I spend every summer afternoon at the pool with swim team? Every child that gets near a pool needs to shriek. All day.

There is no knitting content today. I will probably not knit. I will finish a poncho that I started a couple days ago on the Bond. Then, I will post a picture. Maybe.

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