Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Green Scarf*

Ponchos are all the rage. And among the members of several of my e-lists, they are The Thing to be making right now.

Two of my groups are doing ponchos for "charity," and a couple more are doing them on knitting machines of various types. I decided to combine the efforts and did my poncho for my charity-of-choice, the Billy Mills Youth Center, The Main, at the Cheyenne River (Lakota Sioux) Reservation in Eagle Butte, SD, on my Bond USM.

I used Lion Brand Yarns: Homespun for the main color and Boucle and Fun Fur for randomly-placed contrasting stripes and edging. I used my basic formula (4:9 ratio) and added a neckline edging and a 6 ridge garter edging on the bottom.

The random striping gave me two different looks.


and Back:

* The Green Scarf was a 1955 British movie that starred Michael Redgrave.

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