Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Desperate Hours*

Still timing the 5-hour baby sweater, and added about 2 hours' clock-time, but closer to an hour and 15 minutes (total so far: 2 hours, 15 minutes) because I was reading e-mail and blogs and not putting "quality time" into the sweater itself. I can do this sort of knitting while watching TV, because I do not have control of the remote. Therefore, my hands can be totally knit-occupied. It doesn't work that way with surfing, a much more solitary occupation.

The yoke is finished, as is one sleeve and the second sleeve is on the double-points. I decided to make another adjustment to this pattern and joined the two fronts (overlapping the 3 stitch garter edge) to make it a pullover with a pseudo-placket. There won't be that gap in the front that lets the tiny belly get cold, but it will be easy for mom to put on and take off because of the wide opening. The inspiration for this possibility came from one of my e-lists. Damned if I can remember which one right now!

I should be able to finish it up in the next day or two, probably coming in close to the 5-hour mark. We shall see. Sidebar: It looks a lot better in real-life than it does in the photo!

On another real-life note, I would like to go on record as positively hating the end of the month! There is so much to be done, and not all of it needs to be mine (not that it all is). 'nuff said!

* 1955 Humphrey Bogart/Fredric March and the 1990 Mickey Rourke/Anthony Hopkins re-make

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