Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

I've been so wrapped up in the flame war (over a dog for what it's worth) on knitflame that I nearly didn't get around to my blog today! Seems that someone on one of the "big lists" took exception to being asked to take her puppy outside when she visited a yarn shop. A newcomer to knit_flame_ jumped to her defense saying that she carries her 12 pounder everywhere (including to work) and ad been recently asked not to bring the dog (in a carrier) into a yarn shop, too, and, well, it just evolved from there into name calling and bitchy attacks.

And on to the knitting: After several hours of fiddling with them, I am pleased to announce that the Clauses are finished:

Aren't they cute?

And the pink poncho is finished and blocked (this is for my charity group, not the fair):

It's just the right size for an about three year old, I think. Made from leftover Bernat Breeze.

I've started another on the Bond, using what's left of my green Homespun, some Lion Brand Boucle in Lime Blue and some Fun Fur in Sapphire as accent stripes. Should be kinda cute for a young teen. At least that's the size I'm shooting for. The Fun Fur and Boucle were bought about a year ago. I thought I might make a scarf with them, but I sat and thought abouit it until the urge passed.

And I have a good start on my first snowperson (no picture yet).

The Clauses are sweet. I don't think I have the patience to make tiny people. I'm going to let my Greenhowe books age a little longer before I take a run at them.
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